Driving In A Winter Wonderland!

It snowed!  It snowed a lot!!  Yesterday, there was a tiny bit of yuckiness on the road to work, which of course led to people driving like idiots and crashing their cars, which then, of course, led to people gawking at the accident and driving 10 MPH for 7 miles on the interstate (turning my 30 minute commute into a 55 minute commute).  Today, I woke up to approximately 27 inches of snow piled on the Cavalier (okay, maybe closer to 6 inches – but still a lot!).  There was lots of snow, ice, and slush on the roads – which can sometimes be a little bit fun to drive in, thanks to the magnificent anti-lock brakes and traction control on the Cavalier.  No wrecks, though, thankfully!  I got to drive close to the speed limit this morning – always a treat.  I did have a close call, thanks to the idiot in the mini van who pulled in front of me and immediately slowed down on a very slick stretch of road.  Brilliant.  I do so love my car in this kind of weather, though – it warms up quickly, and performs AWESOMELY on crappy roads!  Yay!!

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