All the leaves are brown…

Today made me nostalgic for living in Laramie.  Back in the day where there weren’t so many treees where I lived, and I didn’t have to deal with them, cause I was always in rental property! 

Tina’d already been working a lot on cleaning up the yard – trimming trees and shrubs, raking leaves, fun stuff like that.  Today I went outside to “help back the truck up to the trailer real quick,” and ended up joining in the fun for the next 6 hours.  I can not believe how many leaves and dead branches this yard gathers!!  And how many little aspen trees try to shoot up every year.  It’s amazing.  I’m thinking there must be a way to make money off of this – start a little aspen tree farm or something and sell them out of the backyard.  We took a trailer load and a truck load to the Green Cycle center.  And there’s still a big trash can full of dandelions (where the heck did these things all come from?!!), and two ginormous trash bags full of more leaves that need to go.  Whew!  I only wish I liked (and was good at!!) gardening & yard work & stuff.  I would love so much to have an herb garden and a vegetable garden, and pretty flowers everywhere, but I am really only good at growing dirt.

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  • Mom says:

    You obviously inherited my not-so-green thumb and my not-so-much love of playing in the yard. Somehow to me it feels much more like work than play!

  • Sydnie says:

    But you had that wonderful vegetable garden, with carrots and tomatoes and zucchini and stuff!! With actual veggies, that we could actually eat!! All my attempts at that kind of thing turn to dirt long before they turn to veggies. And you have flowers and lovely trees! In Wyoming!