Oh yes, they call him the streak…

OK, so I’m really reaching there on the song lyrics… only to say that my streak of posting every day has now ended!  But, it’s only been one day this time, instead of 2 months.  Not so bad, right?

Yesterday was BUSY!  I did not fall for the “help me back up the truck” trick though.  Nope, I was smarter than that yesterday!  I spent most of the day doing laundry and working on the laptop.  With all that computer time, you would think I’d have gotten something posted here, right?  Nope, no dice.  I didn’t even get time to work on my facebook farms or send eggs to Traci & Mom!  Tragic, don’t you think??!!  I worked on some web page stuff for my Toastmasters club, and worked on my speech for this morning’s meeting.  I know, nothing like planning ahead. 

This whole week will be busy… Jimmy is graduating this weekend, so we’ll be having a barbeque at the house… you’re all invited!!  But in case the weather is bad, we need to be prepared to have people hanging out inside, which means I have to clean the family room.  My sewing machines and tools and fabrics and patterns and project have completely taken over the room, so it should be quite an adventure cleaning it. 

OK… off to a meeting…

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