I hear the secrets that you keep…

I learned a valuable lesson today, by making an ass of myself.  Best kind of lesson, right??

Today was a work from home day.  I had the front and back doors open most of the day, since it’s SO NICE out, which made the dogs nutty all day – there are lots of small children at the school across the street, and Grover and Tillie are VERY serious about their duties in protecting their street from intruders – small children, other dogs, their own people… Dorks.  Later this afternoon, I had to call in to work for a quick meeting.  I was using Tina’s headset, and closed the front door to avoid the hysterical barking at kindergartners.  In middle of my call, Grover started licking my backpack.  I have no idea why – he just likes to lick random stuff… floor, backpack, pants, you name it.  I tried snapping at him, which usually catches his attention, but not today!  So, I muted the headset, and loud-whispered at him, “Knock it off!”  Then I hear my team on the other side of the phone go silent for a second, then say, “OK, we will!”  Turns out the mute button on that headset doesn’t actually mute anything. 

In other dog news, Grover went to the groomer yesterday, so he’s all clean and sweet-smelling and handsome today!  He’s very cute – when he’s got a fresh haircut, it makes his ears look even bigger than normal!  CUTE! 

And in other dog news, Lady came to visit today.  Tina was petting her, and found a tick!!!  Ugh.  Then as they were getting that one out, they found 2 more!!!  I didn’t deal with it at all, but just the thought of them being there made me SO nauseous.  I always thought I’d be able to handle something like that, but apparently not.  Yuck.  I still feel sick. 

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