Over the river and through the woods…

…to Grandmother’s house I went today. 

Tina and I headed for Denver today to hang out with Grandma Hope for a while!  She is always such fun to visit with!  We went to lunch at House of Windsor and had some delicious food and tea and desserts, and then bought some English marmalades – some ginger and some lemon.  What a fun little place!

After lunch it was back to Grandma’s house.  We chatted about lots of things – names, families, sprinkler systems… We went out to the backyard to see where Tillie might have jumped the fence to the neighbors yard last time I was down there – it’s a wonder the silly dog didn’t kill herself.  She definitely didn’t look before she leaped.  Then we went to the garage, where I tried to figure out a way to talk Aunt Susie out of her cute little VW Beetle that’s parked in there right now (I want one!  I could pull it behind the motorhome that I think I need!), and Tina checked out all the “antique” power tools (and hand tools, of course).  As with every other room in Grandma’s house, the garage holds lots of treasures, not the least of which are the very well organized cans of nails.  We also checked out the ski rack that was used to hold the infamous boat on the roof of the car during the camping trip that ended before anyone did any camping… but not before Grandpa & the boys got to hang out in the boat with some beers and a French Horn! 

After that, we showed Grandma some stuff on her computer – fixed the date column on her emails, and showed her some of the games that can provide hours of entertainment (and procrastination and time-wasting…) like the jigsaw puzzles Mom introduced us to.  With enough practice, maybe we’ll get her on Twitter and Facebook!  🙂

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