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Here are some new pictures – some of my ADORABLE nieces from my VERY QUICK trip to Wyoming, and some of the pups on Easter. 

This is a quick post!  I’m not feeling very wordy tonight!  I think I’ll be asleep in about 15 minutes… YAWN.

Overheard at Work

Overheard, every 3.5 minutes, every day, over my cubicle wall…




I can’t figure out how to spell it to illustrate the full effect of this.  I don’t know whether to offer Kleenexes, or some Hall’s Soothing Vapor Action, or just turn up the volume on the iPod.

More crafty stuff…

This one doesn’t get a picture.

A few weeks ago, after reading things like this and this and trying to figure out an easy way to alter some button down shirts so that they actually fit… I decided that I needed a dress form.  And rather than spend a couple hundred bucks on one that probably wouldn’t be an exact fit anyway, I decided to go the “do-it-yourself” route.  I figured, for the price of a few rolls of duct tape, how can you go wrong?

Being that I’m human, and my arms will only reach so far, I had to recruit a willing helper.  Of course, the idea of duct taping me was just way too enticing, so Tina was a more than willing volunteer.  Five hours later, and after realizing the project didn’t involve anything fun like duct-taping my mouth shut, or taping me to a chair, she wasn’t so excited.

However, in the end, I got my very own body double!!  She’s come in VERY handy for fitting shirts and things – well worth the price of a few rolls of silver tape and a few hours of standing very still.  She is a rather big girl though (hence, no pictures!) – my goodness – nothing like seeing your form all shiny & silver sitting on a table to make you want to do a few situps…  OK, it is me we’re talking about.  I don’t really have any intention of doing those situps…

Tina also named her.  Daisy.  Daisy Duct.

Check out what I made!!


I made this cool new bag yesterday in a couple of hours, based on this tutorial.  I got 5 yards of this fun digital camouflage nylon for $1 a yard, and this was my first project with it.  Considering the mass quantities of it that I have, I need to come up with a slew of other projects.  I’m thinking maybe another bag or two (so I can practice!), a cute little jacket for the Grover dog, maybe a messenger bag (if I’m really ambitious)…  But then, it is nylon, and it is camo, and I keep reading how the 80’s are coming back… I’m thinking parachute pants!!  Woo!!!

I also got most of the way through what I hope is a very cute skirt yesterday, from the instructions in this book.  I went to finish it tonight, though, and discovered that my iron kicked the bucket.  Guess I’m going shopping tomorrow.

I’d bet it all on a good run of bad luck…

Viva Las Vegas!

Got back last night from this awesome conference in Vegas!  (Wow, yes, I’m a geek.  Who else gets this excited about stuff like that?)  I went to classes four days in a row, and I think I learned more than my brain can possibly hold.  We’ll see if it sticks!  Anything that makes me smarter has to be a good thing (and a lot of work for the person trying to make me smarter!).

I also managed to find a few moments to play some craps, my new favorite game.  I still don’t have clue number one as to what I’m doing, but it’s so fun!  And, the beauty of it is, if I’m conservative enough, I can play for several hours before losing ALL of my money.  And my last night there… I actually didn’t lose!!  By the time I quit, I’d was exactly even for the night!  Pretty exciting stuff for a rookie like me. 

In addition to the rest of the excitement, I also caught the implosion of the Stardust from the super fancy Wynn resort.  How often do you get to catch a piece of history blown to bits?  Pretty cool stuff.

The best sight, though, had to be one of the MANY wedding parties that you always see in Vegas… Usually, you see them looking all fancy and pretty in some nice resort hotel somewhere.  This is the first time, however, that I’ve seen the bride (and bridesmaids), in her gorgeous several-thousand-dollar satin gown, walking down the strip chugging a long neck Bud Light.  All class, I tell ya.

Remember Your 7th Grade Geography?

Here‘s a fun game.  As soon as you click on the link, a 10 minute timer will start.  You need to enter all 50 states, spelled correctly, within the 10 minutes.  I got 49 of them, forgetting only the state with Super Bowl winners and a very popular car race.  Go figure.  I’m a little disappointed in myself. 

Apparently there is some song about “nifty fifty” or something like that to help remember all of them?  I’d never heard of it until today.  Now I’m disappointed in my 7th grade geography and music teachers.

I’m back, again

Yes, once again, it’s been months since I actually posted anything.  Pretty exciting blog I run here, huh? 

I just got back from vacation in Cancun!  Tina’s uncle and a bunch of his buddies spend all of their time travelling around golfing all over the continent, and he invited her, Jimmy, and her nephew Josh to go on this golf trip to Cancun.  Since there were three of them, they needed a 4th person to fill a hotel room, and I was a more-than-willing volunteer!  I didn’t golf (I would have SERIOUSLY humiliated myself if I’d tried to golf with these people), but I had a very relaxing week hanging out at beaches and pools, doing some shopping, and taking some tours.  I did get MASSIVELY sunburned, however.  I know, I know – wear sunscreen.  I did (some), but holy smokes!  I will post some pictures at some point (not of the sunburn)!

Next week, I’m off to Las Vegas for a work conference.  Viva Las Vegas!  Wish me luck at the craps tables!


I ventured out of the house today!  We all went outside and did some shoveling and a little bit of playing.  I took a zillion pictures (or, actually, 93 pictures), and put some of them up on Shutterfly.  You can see them here, in the Blizzard 2006 album.  The dogs were pretty funny – Tillie and Lady (Jimmy’s St. Bernard pup) were pretty fearless about running around all over the place, no matter how deep the snow was.  Grover was much more cautious, though, and tried to stay in places where he could touch solid ground!  Jimmy & Jordan built a giant pile of snow right in front of the house, then jumped into it – from the roof.  Unfortunately, mail isn’t being delivered today, so we don’t have new Netflix movies to watch… We did manage to dig out one car, for “emergencies.”  Do you think movie rentals count as an emergency?  I’m thinking I might just hang out indoors, with a nice warm cup of tea, and watch Food Network (they really should have Alton Brown on more often than they do) or something like that…  I might have to go back out at some point though.  Kathy emailed me this morning and told me that “the best kind of man is a snow man.”  Might have to go build me one of ’em!  🙂

How is everyone else’s weather?  Anyone else get snow days?


Today began the Great Holiday Blizzard of 2006!!  Holy smokes, there is SO MUCH SNOW!!

I went to work for a while, and was planning on heading out a little early, but then left even earlier than planned.  We actually closed for the afternoon and tomorrow!  It took me a little over an hour (usually a 30 minute drive) to get home, but it wasn’t too horrible.  My little Cavalier is SO good on slick roads.  Oh, and by the way… it crossed 180K miles on Monday!!  Only 20K to go to the 200K goal!!  The only problems I ran into were in the 6 inch drifts, where the snow was a little deeper than the Cav really likes.  That, and trying to drive down my street, where the snow was super deep even at noon today.

However… Tina was driving home from Colorado Springs today (normally a 2 hour drive).  She left there at 9:00 AM, just as the snow was starting.  At about 4:30 today, she called from the end of the block, where her car was stuck!  About an hour after that, with the extremely generous help of many neighbors, we all managed to push, shove, dig, and drive the car down the block. 

Here are a couple of pictures from my front door (there’s no way I’m going any farther outside right now!)…  I’ll try to get a couple of the snow dogs tomorrow in the daylight!


Halloween Pics

Here are some pictures from Halloween…

First, here we have the little Angel Cat.  This whole idea lasted for all of 4 minutes or so, until she ran under the table and figured out to get rid of the wings and the halo.

Next, we have the very fitting little Clown Grover.  He’s very tolerant of being dressed up in outfits, and probably would have stayed this way all night, had it not been for his new bratty sister stealing his hat away…


And, last, but not least, of all the pets, comes the newest addition to the household.  Miss Tillie should have been wearing the devil ears, but decided to carry them instead.  None of her costume attempts lasted longer than a couple of seconds…


And here is the last minute costume that I whipped up for Madeline, after her mom decided that Jimmy could not use the previously arranged costume for his two hours of trick-or-treat time…  Little kid stuff is so much fun to sew!  Too bad it can’t be this fun and easy to make my own adorable little outfits…