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When Does “Whole” Not Really Mean “Whole”?

So, the other night we went to try out a new Mexican restaurant in town.  I’d read about it when they opened, and had been dying to try it out.  Plus, Jimmy and Jordan said that it was very good.  Jordan’s opinion was based solely on her usual order of tostadas, but since they were not made with black beans (like the ones at the very tasty Rio), she gave it the thumbs up.

After reading through the menu, and facing my typical indecisiveness (wanting to try everything!), I decided on the whole tilapia.  Now… the menu described this as being a whole tilapia, rubbed in various seasonings, and then fried (or grilled, or whatever they did to it…)  Considering that it was described as a whole tilapia, I thought, “Hey, I bet that’ll be the whole fish!”  (Yes, I assumed it would be head and all… seemed like a reasonable assumption, based on the description…)

When the waitress brought the meals out, she looked at me with panic on her face, and said,

  • “Oh, I should have explained this to you when you ordered!  Did you know that this would be the whole fish?”
  • “Well, I figured it probably would be…” 
  • “Okay – so you’re okay with the whole fish?”
  • “Um… yes…”

Later on in the meal, I’m eating my fish (which tasted delicious, and came with some really veggies), and the manager is walking around the restaurant chatting with customers.  He stopped by the table, and looked at me with surprise, and asked if that’s what I expected to be getting when I ordered it.  I replied that I wasn’t entirely sure what it would look like, but I’d figured I’d be getting the whole fish, based on the menu’s description.

Apparently, people are sometimes surprised by actually getting a whole fish when they order a whole fish.  Is not reading the description really a valid reason for returning a meal?!

In the past, I might have avoided ordering this particular item, in order to avoid having a fish head on my plate.  However, after one meal with a whole fried up pigeon in Shanghai, the whole fish was a piece of cake.  (Er… not literally!)

It did provide for some interesting after-dinner conversation…

  • Tina: “Hey, your fish is biting me.”
  • Me: “You could try taking your finger out of its mouth.”

Stormy’s Feminine Protection

I actually missed posting a few things last week, and from the weekend… I can’t remember what they all are now, but here’s one of them…

Poor Stormy… He had to go to the vet again last week – twice.  He had a nasty little infection in his leg, which made it swell up to the size of a Saint Bernard leg.  He ended up with an equally nasty sore on the back of his leg, which required some serious bandaging to keep him from bleeding profusely.  The vet taught us a new, and terribly clever, technique for bandaging a dog leg.  Unfortunately, it seems a little undignified for him, but it definitely served it’s purpose. 

For this clever technique, rather than taping a gauze pad to his leg, you take an infant or toddler sock, cut the toe off, and slide it up his leg to hold the absorbant material on the wound.  And what do you use for the absorbant material?  A panty liner. 

Good thing we’re both girls.  Can you imagine trying to get a guy to bandage his dog with that technique?

In the checkout line at KMart… “Really.  They’re for my dog.  No, really.  I swear.”

Weekend In Utah

Trina and Steve’s wedding was lovely!!  I’m so glad I finally got to meet Steve, especially after hearing from the whole family about what a nice guy he is.  It was good to meet his family also – they all seem like great people!  And of course, it was good to see my family!  I don’t get to see them nearly often enough. 

While at the reception, I had the realization that I am now one of the old lady relatives, who goes forever without seeing all the cousins’ kids, then tells them “Oh, you’ve grown so much!!  Look how big you’ve gotten!!”  And they have no idea who I am, I’m just the crazy lady who gives them hugs and kisses and pinches their cheeks.  OK, I didn’t actually pinch anyone’s cheeks.  But, wow!!  My family’s got some super cute kids in it!! 

I also seem to have that crazy old lady relative tendency with all of the dogs.  I counted – I got to play with 6 little kids this weekend, 1 cat, and 8 dogs (not counting my own)!!  The difference there is that the dogs (most of them, at least) are pretty much happy to listen to whatever I have to say, as long as I have snacks or a free hand available… 

I did manage to get kind of spoiled while I was there… I’ve been mildly obsessing for a while about the Nintendo DS, with the Brain Age game.  After a couple of trips to Best Buy with Dad, checking out TVs, computers, wireless routers, refrigerators with built-in TVs (seriously!!), games, and other tech type stuff, he and Mom got me one as an early birthday present!!  It is early for my birthday, but I’ve been playing with it already… and let’s just say that my brain seems to need some serious improvement!!  Ouch.  Fortunately, it has improved some over the last couple of days.  Hey, do you think I could justify playing at work?  “Why, yes, boss, I am working!  I’m improving my brain power, so that I can be more effective and efficient in my daily activities here!”

Weekend Stuff

We had another golf lesson over the weekend – this one was all about the “short game” – as if my whole game isn’t a “short game.”  None of my clubs go further than 80 yards or so.  Maybe 100 yards with a stiff wind behind me.  (I’m sure it has everything to do with the clubs, and not my lack of ability to use them…)  However, the good news is… I don’t suck at the chip shots!!  At least, not all the time.  It was pretty exciting.  The next lesson is putting.  Hopefully it’ll help my mini-golf game (cheaper and less walking than real golf!).

This weekend was also a major spring cleaning weekend!  Tina did a bunch more of that than I did, but wow, we got rid of a lot of stuff – including several dead aspen trees from the backyard that she & Jimmy cut down.  It looks so bare now, but it’s good that all of those are gone.  Now I have the bright idea (which I’m sure will fade quickly once I realize I’d have to actually get dirty and do manual labor and stuff like that) that I want to grow some carrots and cucumbers and zucchinis and asparagus in that spot.  Huh.  I think I’ll hit the farmer’s markets instead.

One of the neighbors has a new puppy.  It’s a Golden-Doodle – a mix between a Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle.  She is so dang cute!!!  She’s all black (the Poodle dad is black), but the texture of her hair is like a Golden.  She’s got HUGE feet, and a bunch of silver on her face that makes her look much older than her four months.  Her face makes her look like she could be Grover’s older (and much bigger) sister.

iPod Love

I LOVE my iPod.  The last two nights on my drive home, I was treated to “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma,” along with lots of other great songs from my youth and adulthood.

Today, I had a thought while listening at work to “Sara” by Fleetwood Mac.  I seem to remember hearing that Randy would have been named Sara, had he been a girl.  If that had happened… we’d have had TWO people in the family named for Fleetwood Mac tunes!  Then again, if Randy had been Sara, would he have still had a daughter and named her for the same song?  Would he have had the same personality as a Sara?  Would he have developed more of an affinity for, say, New Kids On The Block, as opposed to Fleetwood Mac? 

It’s Been A While…

So much for my effort to have something to write about every day.  I haven’t done so well with that! Lots of stuff has happened since I last wrote…

  • Mom & Dad & Reggie came to visit me!  We had lots of fun (at least I think so…).  We did some shopping, some bike-riding, had Cajun boil at Plantation, played games…  Dogs are funny.  Reggie’s pretty wimpy about going outside with the “real dogs.”  But – you get a toy out, and Grover’s the big pansy.  He’ll go chase down the toy, but as soon as Reggie gets near, he just gives it up.
  • Trina asked me to sing at her wedding! 
  • I had my second golf lesson.  Wow.  I can hit the same distance (approximately 40 yards) with either my driver or my 8-iron.  The big compliment I got at this lesson… “You know, with you, we’re really starting from scratch!  We don’t have to try to break any of your bad habits, since you haven’t developed them yet!”  Ugh.  The big goal for me for the next lesson is to just be able to hit the ball consistently.
  • I started testing Stormy’s glucose level at home.  He’s such a good patient – he just sits and takes whatever I have to do to him.  Right now, he’s getting stabbed with sharp needles at least 4 times a day – 2 insulin injections and at least 2 glucose tests.  I’d read that human glucose monitors can kind of skew the results of dog blood, so Tina suggested testing Grover’s blood to see how it compares… thank goodness Grover’s not the diabetic dog… He’s much less… er… patient than Storm.  I can’t imagine if I had to do this to the cat!
  • I baked a coffee cake.  Yum!
  • I used the self-cleaning feature on the oven.  Not thinking very hard about this, I did it on one of those gorgeous 80 degree days we had recently, heating the house up to approximately 118 degrees… But the oven looks great!

Remedial Golf

The good news: Today I had my very first golf lesson.  The bad news: I still suck.  Tina, Jimmy and I are doing a group lesson, which was, thankfully, much cheaper than doing individual lessons.  Unfortunately for Chris (the teacher), he’s not charging nearly enough to teach me to play.  I don’t think he had any idea what he was getting himself into.  After about 45 minutes and several swings, I did manage to make contact with the ball today, and hit it about 50 yards.  This, after he stated earlier in the lesson, that “Everyone can hit 100 yards.”  Huh.  If nothing else, at least I’ll provide him with a good challenge.

My Latest Minor Disaster

So, I’ve had all of my beading stuff out over the last few days, for the first time in several months.  This has involved having all kinds of bins and boxes and books spread out on the dining room table while I work on being creative, and then setting it all aside in a big crate when it’s time to eat.  Last night, I got home from an incredibly hectic, crazy day at work, and went about setting aside all of the beading stuff so we could use the table for its intended purpose.  I planned on eating dinner, folding laundry, putting together a quick work presentation, then doing some more beading.  Having intended to pull all of the beading stuff back out within a couple of hours, I wasn’t very careful with putting it away.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  After walking by the (apparently precariously stacked) crate full of beads and beading equipment in order to get the cat food (sure, we’ll just blame this all on the cat…), I somehow managed to knock over the “bead organizer” that was sitting on top, which I, of course, had neglected to close tightly.  With a rather undramatic crashing noise (Tina thought it was just cat food), I managed to spill hundreds – no, probably thousands – of tiny little beads, pins, clasps, rings, chains, etc.  I spent the next hour trying to pick them all up, sort them, and keep the cat from biting me as I grabbed the hundreds of jump rings that landed on “her” rug (where she chose to lay down last night, instead of, say, the back of the sofa where she usually hangs out).  I still haven’t finished the whole sorting thing… that’ll probably take another hour.  If money were no object, I would have just vacuumed it all up and started over.  Then again, if money were no object, I probably wouldn’t be making my own jewelry.  I’d have people for that.

All Kinds Of Stuff

It’s been a busy week (or longer…), which is, of course, no excuse for my lack of postings, but now I’m back!  Here’s some stuff that’s happened in the last several days…

  • I got comments!!  Thanks Aunt Jane!  Now I know that at least someone loves me!  :-)  How’s Jersey doing now, by the way?  Did Uncle Dee stop calling her Butthead? 
  • I attended the going-away party for a coworker (he took my place when I moved from Finance to IT), who is now going to work for Crocs, the plastic shoe company (based in Boulder, CO).  I’m so bummed to lose him, but of course I wish him the best!!
  • Along with spending way too many hours playing WoW, I actually did some serious house-cleaning over the weekend.  This is the greatest invention ever for anyone who has to clean a bathtub or shower.
  • I fixed a couple pairs of earrings that I didn’t do such a great job building in the first place.  I also made a new cell phone wrist strap (dorky, yes…) to replace the one I broke when I was playing around with it during a meeting.  And… then I made a new necklace with these cool brown-ish pearls I found in a bead store downtown.  I finished the earrings tonight, but I’m not sure how crazy about them I am yet…  I’ll post pictures of all in the next couple of days.
  • I watched a couple of movies, including Walk the Line.  Absolutely awesome movie.  Loved it.

The big adventure of the week involved Stormy Dog.  He’d been doing really well, and hadn’t had any crazy episodes for about 8 months.  Wednesday night he had an insulin reaction – thankfully, Tina saw him looking shaky and goofy, and got him some Karo syrup before he started having seizures!  Last time he had a reaction like this, he actually had seizures, which was one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen!!  He then went to the emergency vet and spent the night there with an IV in.  He made quite an impression on the doctor (who is starting to know Stormy by name – she thought we needed “frequent flier miles” for all of the times she’s seen Stormy and Shadow) and the vet techs at the emergency clinic.  He apparently spent lots of time in his kennel at the clinic “fluffing” his bed there.  He does that at home all the time, which always cracks me up, but he made everyone there laugh too.  I always tell him he’s a “funny boy,” which is exactly what the receptionist said when we picked him up Thursday morning.

So, those are some of the big events of the last week.  How’s everyone doing?


Have you ever felt like the more you learn, the less you actually know?  This happens to me pretty often… I think I know something fairly well, but then I dig in further, and realize just how much I don’t know!  This is what I’m doing today.  It’s fun and challenging in some ways, but it’d probably be even more fun if I could figure all of the stuff that’s confusing me.  I might have to do some studying this weekend…  (Wasn’t homework supposed to end after college graduation?!)  At least if I’m studying at home, I can sit in front of the TV while I catch up on my Netflix queue. 

Hey, do any of you use Netflix?  If so… let’s be friends!