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Showers and Showers, Part 2

Well, they weren’t really exaggerating about the major snow storm.  Fortunately, it waited until the drive home to really start dumping.  That way, I was able to attend the bridal shower, where I won the “Purse Power” game!  This game involved Trina reading a list of items with different point values, and me being the fastest at pulling the most crap out of my purse.  I’m not sure whether or not to be proud of my victory!  A few years ago, it would have been Mom in first place, but I appear to have inherited her purse packing tendencies, as she has managed to downsize her purse!  Some of the items I scored points for included red lipstick, a working flashlight, a battery (inside the keychain flashlight!), a granola bar, and an iPod.  The sad thing is that I could have pulled out at least four different items that would have qualified as red lipstick (not to mention brown, pink, mauve, clear, shimmery…).  On top of that, I also had a spare cell phone battery, to go with the winning battery inside my flashlight.  I don’t know if all this means I’m really prepared for what life has to throw at me (except a paper cut – I didn’t have a Band-Aid with me), or if I really need to pare down my supplies!

On the drive home, as I mentioned, the snow started falling, which led to a 4-5 hour drive turning into 8 hours!  When we were almost to Laramie, they apparently closed the highway in both directions.  It was such a strange sight to be driving along the interstate with absolutely no light or traffic coming from the other direction!  And to have Mom call and say, “You’re driving on a closed road!”  South of Cheyenne, the snow was so deep, I thought the Cavalier would get stuck.  Fortunately, thanks to Tina’s excellent driving skills and the good kharma that seems to follow the Cavalier, we made it home with no problems!  Or… if there were problems, I was relatively unaware of them, thanks to the mind-altering affects of the horribly vile tasting cough syrup that I was guzzling.

Showers and Showers

I’m heading to Rock Springs tomorrow for my cousin Trina’s bridal shower.  Congratulations, Trina!!!  At least, I’m planning to head to Rock Springs.  I keep hearing the overly dramatic news previews telling us “Major storm heading our way!  Details at 10:00!”  I’m hoping that this will be one of those overly dramatic, overblown cases where we get a tiny little snow shower that makes the trees look pretty, but keeps the roads clear.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I haven’t seen most of the family for a really, really long time, and I’m definitely looking forward to it!

I need to decide whether to drive to Salt Lake City in May for the wedding, or to fly.  Southwest keeps advertising crazy cheap fairs of $49 each way!

If I can’t make it to Rock Springs, I will have to hem about 5 pairs of pants by myself.  Which is never very successful.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone!!

Conversations With My Roommate, 2.

My car was in the shop last week for a cooling system leak and for brake problems.  Now, this car has been in the shop quite often for brake problems.  But, given the miles that I drive, on state highways, interstates, and in town, it didn’t really seem like it was that big a problem.  After this trip, however, I have now been advised to drive more conservatively.  I’m sure this will be good news for my mom, but it’s really not as much fun as practicing my Nascar skills on the drive to work.  This brings me to the last edition in “Conversations With My Roommate.”

Me: You so have more speeding tickets than I do.

Tina: No, I don’t.

Me: Come on.  I’ve never been on the verge of losing my license due to speeding tickets.

Tina: With me, it’s quality, not quantity.

Leaving Las Vegas

I’ve actually been back for a couple of days, but I’m still recovering from the sleep deprivation that comes from partaking in the Las Vegas culture, and actually attending the conference sessions during the day.  I ate some wonderful meals – thanks for the Delmonico recommendation, Randy!  It was awesome!!  I won a little bit of money off of the Wyoming Cowboys spectacular performance in the MWC conference championships.  Go Pokes!!  I’d have won a lot more money off of them if I’d actually bet on the first game, instead of forgetting about it in a food and wine induced haze…

An observation: Why is it that the prettiest, most beautiful, most fabulous shoes - the ones you really want to wear for a great night out – cause the most tremendous pain?

A few memorable quotes from the trip (with minimal details, of course, because what happens in Vegas…):

  • “Where am I?”
  • “Seriously, where am I?”
  • “Where am I?  I can see the Barbary Coast… and… another building.”
  • “Where am I supposed to be?”
  • “Where are you?”
  • “What do they call the female Wyoming basketball players?  Cowgirls?  Lady Cowboys?  Cowboyettes?”
  • (From voicemail): “Hey, my drunk coworkers and I are on our way to Vegas, and we might need to shower when we get there!”

Lacrosse Part 2

I forgot to mention my favorite part of the game!  Mascot Lacrosse!!  At halftime, the mascots from all of the Denver pro sports teams and most of the Denver area college teams played a lacrosse game.  It was absolutely hysterical to see a bunch of overgrown gigantic stuffed animals trying to play the game.  Of course, they probably did much better than I would have, even without wearing a 15 pound animal head.


So, I went to my very first professional lacrosse game on Friday.  Initially, I was not terribly excited about the idea.  See, my first lacrosse experience was an outdoor college game at UNC a couple of years ago.  It was on a Saturday morning, with temperatures of about 13 degrees, with a wind-chill of approximately 82 degrees below zero.  I came away from it having gained nothing but some brutal windburn and loss of feeling in my extremities.  However… I can now recommend watching professional lacrosse in the luxury of an indoor arena!  What a crazy, busy, hyperactive, fast-paced game!  It’s second only to hockey in the quality and quantity of brutal fistfights!  After the game, we headed to Dave & Buster’s, where I won outrageous amounts of tickets playing trivia.  I did, however, lose all of the car, jet-ski, snowmobile, and horse racing games that I tried.  (I’m pretty sure that was due to everyone else cheating, and not my complete lack of coordination… uh-huh… sure it was…)

Viva Las Vegas

I’m heading to Vegas, baby!  I’m leaving on Tuesday to go to a conference for work.  I probably won’t be able to tell you much about the trip, though, since what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  I get to stay at the Venetian, which should be quite fabulous!!  

 I’m going to try playing some craps this trip.  On my last trip to Vegas, I just kept losing money (quickly!) at blackjack, while Tina and Maya managed to play craps all night on a few bucks.  Well… almost all night, until the casino actually closed down that table… They didn’t win much money, but they definitely won the beer game!  I kept losing money too quickly at the blackjack tables to even win that game…  Maybe I’ll get lucky this time and win enough to buy some fabulous shoes in the shops at the Venetian…  Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

New Decor

After trying out a few ideas to decorate and furnish the new entertainment center, including small children…

here’s what we ended up with, including the fancy new HDTV and fake plants that I can’t possibly kill.  I hate to admit I have fake plants!  Hopefully they aren’t too tacky and cliched.  I’d love to do real ones, but my track record with plants is pretty pathetic. 

New Shoes

Here are the new shoes!  They’re even better on than they were in the picture.  I so love them.

Wyoming in the News

Wyoming made it to USA Today today!  Cool, huh?