Give us dirty laundry…

That’s such a bad title.  But I just finished folding it all for this week.  Then I remembered that I’ve been slacking again on the blog.  It’s been a busy few days!

Mom & Dad came to visit over the Memorial Day weekend!  Yay!  We did some shopping, did some eating, even did some baking.  Dad did most of the baking (I just handed him the supplies).  Right now, I’m enjoying the fruits of our labor – some delicious lemon-anise biscotti dunked in Tension Tamer tea.  Yum!  We played a LOT of my new Trivial Pursuit game too!!  In spite of his vocal objections to playing a game where he supposedly never gets a turn, I think Dad secretly loves the game.  He suggested several rematches on Sunday night.  I got the 25th Anniversary game for my birthday – I thought it would be a good one, since they say in the ads it has easy, medium, and hard questions.  I thought I’d have an easier time talking people into playing with me if they thought I might have to have the harder questions.  Plus, I figure that the more random facts I can learn and remember, the better I will do when I get on Jeopardy (my life’s ambition!). 

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