She’s got a secret garden…

OK, not so secret.  But check out what we got out of it!  Try to ignore the general scrubbiness of the spokesmodel.

They are ginormous!!  (The zucchinis.)  I hadn’t checked the garden for about 3 days, other than to grab a few leaves of basil.  Then I went out, and these little squash that were only about 5 inches long had GROWN!  So we picked ’em, and we had one of them grilled for dinner.  We’re going to eat a lot of zucchini this summer!  And make zucchini bread and zucchini soup.  I saw a recipe in Women’s Health for zucchini soup that looked yummy, and it uses fresh dill – which I ALSO have in the garden!  There are some more baby zucchini out there, and some baby cucumbers & jalapenos, and a lot of green tomatoes!  So far, we’ve used a bunch of the herbs and one cucumber.  I’m way excited for everything else to be ready!

This weekend was the Greeley Arts Picnic, one of my favorite events of the year here.  We went downtown and checked out all of the offerings – there are some amazingly creative and talented people out there!  We visited with Chad, the silversmith teacher, and checked out his stuff.  We also enjoyed some awesome food – what is a picnic, after all, without good food?  There was a crepe vendor there, so I had a delicious ham, cheese, and veggie crepe for lunch, and then we all split a heavenly (and I’m SO not exaggerating!) dessert crepe with chocolate, cream, strawberries, and bananas.  Yum! 

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