The winner takes it all…

The loser standing small…

And the loser is me! 

I usually stay pretty even at card games – win some, lose some.  Depends on the game of course, but I do okay.  And I always always always win at Trivial Pursuit.  If I lose at that, it’s because someone is cheating – I won’t mention names, but sometimes people with the initials T.G. are big cheaterheads who “take liberties” with their rolls.

Lately, I am LOSING everything!  I lost at least 4 games in a row of Trivial Pursuit (not counting the games that are customized for the newly 5 year old Maddie – when she’s on my team, I usually win).  And I don’t think any cheating was involved!  Tonight, I got completely destroyed at Nerts.  AND, my performance on Jeopardy (yes, from my sofa) has been really slow and pathetic lately!  How am I ever going to exchange witty repartee with Alex Trebek if my brain is too slow to answer any questions??  So the question is, where has my brain gone, and when do I get it back? 

I found out this week that I am kinda anemic, so I have to start taking an iron supplement.  I did a little research (at least I remember how to use Google), and found that anemia can go along with things like RA, and can cause fatigue, weakness, lightheadedness, along with more stuff.  I’m blaming the missing brain function on the anemia and the lessened oxygen flow to my brain.  That’s my story anyway.  I’m competitive enough at games that I’m totally ok with blaming my poor performance on faulty body chemistry.

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