Little ghost, little ghost…

Do you believe in ghosts?

One side of me says that they totally aren’t real.  But another side of me totally believes in them!!  I think that side wins.

So, in the old house, we supposedly had a ghost.  A little girl ghost.  Jimmy heard her playing with Grover once in his kennel (YEARS ago…), and he swears he saw her run through his room, slam his door, things like that.  Then there were little unexplainable things that happened… things like backpack clasp getting fastened (when I never ever fastened it).  Nothing bad or even scary – I think she was a nice ghost!  I wonder if she’s lonely now that we aren’t there? 

So… new house.  When Mom & Dad came down over Labor Day weekend, we put them in Tina’s room downstairs.  Reggie was restless and nutty all night the first night they were there, but we chalked it up to him not feeling well.  The next day he was feeling fine, so we figured it would be no problem.  Nope!  He was still restless and nutty and neurotic and nervous all night, and wouldn’t sleep at all.  Something was bothering him!  Night 3, he didn’t even want to go downstairs!  So, he came in my room with me, curled up on the floor by my head (my mattress was still on the floor!), and slept like a log.  Or, more precisely, like a snoring little schnauzer.  We sort of chalked it up to him being a goofy little dog, but maybe there was something he could hear that we couldn’t!  Grover and Tillie haven’t been nervous at all about heading down the stairs, but maybe they are already used to ghosts from the old house!!  (I need to put some eerie sound effects in here…)

Since then, nothing too odd has happened.  Except the noises!  And I know that houses make noises, and I need to get used to all the new noises, but… Tina and I have each heard (when we are home alone!) some odd things.  Oddest is what I swear are footsteps in the attic.  I was trying to sleep in on a Saturday morning when Tina was out of town, and there were footsteps right above my head.  Big heavy workboot footsteps, where there shouldn’t have been any.  I didn’t think about again until Tina mentioned that she heard it too, on a different day!  Oooooohhhhh!!  I hope this one is nice too.

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