It’s always roses and daisies…

Tonight will be fun!  And different from my usual Friday night on the couch! 

Tina and I are heading to Angie Stevens and the Beautiful Wreck’s new CD release party!  One of my favorite old bosses introduced me to her a couple of years ago, back when he was just an obsessive number one fan/stalker.  He’s now her manager (along with his day job).  I try to make it to her shows whenever she’s in northern Colorado, and every once in a while I make it to a Denver show (but not that often… I’m OLD and can’t hang with the late nights anymore!).  She and her band always put on a GREAT show, and it’s always fun to see Mike again.  So, tonight is the big release party for her third CD.  Her first two CDs are on iTunes, I think, but they’re also available here and here.  It’s fun to order from CD Baby, though, cause they send you emails that say “CD Baby loves Sydnie!”  Or, CD Baby loves whoever you are… I’m guessing that I’m one of the very few who gets “Sydnie”. 

So, at some point in the next couple of hours, I need to find some clothes… today was a work at home day, so I’m currently on the sofa in sweats.  Pretty.  Maybe a nap is in order too. 

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