You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer…

I got asked a funny question the other day.

Someone asked me if Grover had been to training classes.  That question was particularly funny, because at the time, Grover and Tillie were wandering around the backyard making googly-puppy-eyes at anyone that had a burger in their hands, looking like they hadn’t been fed in weeks.  Little beggars.  So, I giggled and said that no, Grover has not been to any type of training. 

The reason they asked?  He prances!  He prances around like a little Schnauzer version of a Lipizzaner Stallion!  I’ve always thought that he had a very cute little prancing way of walking around, but it never struck me as any particular skill or anything – I just thought it was cute!  Extra cute, cause his crooked little ears are always perked up when he does it, one standing higher than the other.  I’m a sucker for crooked-ear dogs. 

Both dogs were pretty happy with the whole barbecue thing.  They had lots of scraps to pick up off of the grass, and Tillie had a few little kids just dying to throw toys for her.  That way she could show off her mad jumping and catching and flipping skills to her audience.  Cause you know everyone was there just for the dogs.

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